For a long time, mankind has been striving to learn the secrets of nature. And having received something prosaic explanation, we move on to other exciting phenomena. But in what the greatness of the universe was especially manifested, it is undoubtedly natural precious stones. They continue to excite the feelings of men and drive women crazy, despite their natural origin. And for hundreds of years, the mining, cutting and sale of precious stones has not stopped.Камень сапфир в сырье до огранки

What do you think is shown in this photo? Of course, these are sapphires, mined from the bowels of the earth by the hardworking hands of miners. While these precious stones look unprepossessing, however, the cut, your imagination and the work of a jeweler turn them into a magnificent, small work of art.Кольцо с сапфиром и бриллиантами

To become the owner of a natural precious stone in our time - sapphire, ruby, emerald, diamond - is a great success, since real specimens without traces of Unheated Untreated processing are not just a rarity in the gem market, but rather an exception to the rule.

We believe that the life paths of a person and a precious stone do not intersect by chance, this is the predetermination of fate. The necessary stone, be it a diamond, sapphire, ruby or emerald, appears exactly at the moment when a person has a need for it. Whether it is an unexpected find, a spontaneous purchase, or a lovingly selected gift, the jewel will become appropriate in this case and at this time.

Raw emerald before cutting

Atelier of precious stones Joyaux– without exaggeration, the best place in Kiev to buy guaranteed natural diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, spinels with high quality brilliant cut. We specialize exclusively in cutting and selling only real natural gemstones as we deeply believe that that precious stones, like love, should only be genuine - without falsehood and imitation. Everything should be for real, right?

For your convenience, we take macro photographs of precious stones and jewelry with a magnification of 30 times. Thus, to give you & nbsp; the opportunity to examine the smallest details and features of the stone you like in the literal sense of the word under a microscope. A professional expert gemologist, when evaluating colored precious and semi-precious stones, uses a magnifying glass with 6x magnification.

You can see stones and jewelry on our website at 30x magnification. We do not hide the peculiarities of the internal structure and morphology of the stone, and moreover, we invite you to look into the inner world of a precious stone and see only its characteristic features that appeared during the birth of a stone in the bowels of the earth many hundreds of millions of years ago! After all, it is so exciting to touch the origins of our planet and personally see the history of its origin, which is immortalized in a natural crystal!


Пусеты с бриллиантами АураIn the Jewelery Atelier of Joyeo ™ you can order a piece of jewelry according to an individual sketch with diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, spinels, tourmalines, chrysolites, and we will gladly frame the stone you like in a gold setting and make a real piece of jewelry, unique and only yours. Our jewelers and cutters are some of the best in Kiev - numerous awards and prizes at Ukrainian and international jewelry exhibitions are proof of this. If you decide to just buy a gem - call without hesitation - we will discuss the payment method and delivery of the & nbsp; order. In order to see the precious stones with your own eyes or try on ready-made designer jewelry of Zhuayo from our latest collections, we invite you to visit the Gem Atelier of Zhuayo ™, located in the heart of Podil and the historical center of Kiev on Schekavitskaya mountain, covered with legends, filled with the spirit of creativity and creation.

A jewelry house, a jewelry store or an online jewelry store are quite common ways to present precious stones and jewelry in all forms. And only in our Atelier of Gems of Joyeo ™ you will find a little more than jewelry. You yourself will become an expert, because we reveal to our clients the secrets of family craft, collected over more than half a century. We invite you to visit our workshop at: Kiev, Podil, 36 Olegovskaya str. , in which, among other things, you can personally see the birth of precious stones in the hands of our experienced cutters, as well as the creation of jewelry by high-class master jewelers. We will be glad to see you as our regular customers!

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