We have come a long way, and deservedly earned a reputation of a reliable supplier of top-grade diamonds and gems to our European partners as well as the Ukrainian connoisseurs of natural gemstones.

In October 2015 our family business celebrates its 20th anniversary. It was October 5, 1995 that the first license of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine to the diamonds processing, precious stones and metals trade was obtained.

However, it is only the official starting point as it all started much earlier, half a century ago, when the cutting industry of Ukraine has just begun to develop. The founder of our company was among those who processed the first batches of Yakut diamonds in Kiev Enterprise "Crystal".

Since that time, our dynasty has replenished with new diamanters. We have cut thousands of carats of diamonds, mastered modern technology of gemstones processing and uncovered many secrets of our craft.

We undertake regular expeditions to Africa and South-East Asia to refresh our gemstones collections with new items of diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, tourmalines, spinel, tanzanite etc.


The trademark Joyaux was registered in 2013. Translating from French it means precious stones & jewelry. And in such a sequence we create our jewelry - it all starts with the selection of gemstone.

The gemstones & jewelry Atelier Joyaux is like a diamond couturier who creates incredible custom jewelry with precious stones of perfect cut fully revealing the enchanting beauty and character of each stone.  

Over the years, we have not refused our business philosophy: to sell the stones in the jewelry rather than jewelry in stones. Unlike the majority of our colleagues the prices for jewelry of Joyaux brand much more attractive than of other jewelry houses.

We treat with deep respect all precious stones, since each of them being originated in the bowels of the earth millions of years ago, after cutting came into the world in all its splendor and gained a new sparkling life in our hands.

We can talk for hours on every single stone. Each gemstone has its own history, a unique appearance and color tones. The detailed description and professional photos will help you to understand the preferences, choose from the Catalog the proper type, color and cut of the stone.

But only after holding the selected stone in your hands you can fully experience and appreciate it. For this purpose there is our show room – special premises with limited access of casual visitors. It is here that you will make the final choice of the stone and jewelry custom design will bring joy to you or your beloved.

Our family business grows and develops thanks to an impeccable reputation created over the years. We are proud to have contributed to a beauty that will delight our descendants after tens or even hundreds of years.