Before using the services of the online store, please read this Agency Agreement carefully.


Public offer agreement.

The public offer agreement is public, i.e. in accordance with article 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, its conditions are the same for all buyers, regardless of status (individual, legal entity, individual - entrepreneur). With full agreement with this Agreement, the buyer accepts the conditions and procedure for placing an order, payment for goods, delivery of goods, and for failure to comply with the terms of this agreement.

This text is an agreement between the online store, hereinafter referred to as the "online store", and the user of the online store services, hereinafter referred to as the "Buyer" and determines the conditions for the purchase of goods through the website of the online store.

1. General Provisions

1.1. This agreement is a public offer (in accordance with Articles 633, 641 and Chapter 63 of the Civil Code of Ukraine) and contains all the essential conditions for organizing the sale and purchase by remote means, that is, through the online store.

1.2. If the terms of this agreement are accepted, i.e. a public offer of an online store, a citizen or legal entity that accepts the offer becomes a Buyer. Acceptance is the fact of placing an order by clicking on the link "Place an order" in the basket and paying for the order in the amount of 100% under the terms of this agreement.

2. Terms and definitions

2.1. "Product" - a list of assortment names presented in the online store.

2.2. "Catalog" - information about goods posted in the online store.

2.3. "Place an order" - the Buyer's decision to purchase the goods, issued in the online store.

3. Subject of the contract

3.1. The online store undertakes to transfer the goods to the Buyer, and the Buyer undertakes to pay and accept the goods on the terms of this Agreement.

3.2. This agreement governs the sale and purchase of the online store, including:

a) voluntary choice by the Buyer of goods according to the "Catalog";

b) the Buyer's self-registration of an order in the online store;

c) payment by the Buyer for the order placed in the online store;

d) execution and transfer of the order to the Buyer in the ownership on the terms of this Agreement.

4. Ordering procedure

4.1. The buyer independently places an order in the online store

5. Cost and order of payment

5.1. The total cost of an order consists of the cost of the goods (indicated in the catalog) and the cost of delivery.

5.2. The buyer pays for the order in any way selected in the online store within 2 working days, counting from the date of agreement on the cost and range of goods, in the amount of 100% prepayment.

5.3. The cost of delivery of the order is paid by the Buyer independently upon receipt of the order and is determined by the tariffs of the carriers (third parties).

6. Delivery of the order

6.1. The total delivery time of the goods consists of the order processing time and the delivery time. The order processing time is from one to two working days. Delivery methods are described in detail in the "Delivery" section of the website. Delivery time 1? 3 days, depending on the address of the settlement.

6.2. When ordering bulk lots, the terms and methods of delivery are agreed separately in each specific case.

6.3 The seller is not responsible for the delivery time of the order, since they depend on the actions of third parties (carriers).

7. Procedure for the return of goods

7.1. The buyer has the right to refuse the received goods of inadequate quality within fourteen days from the date of receipt of the goods, provided that the packaging, presentation and consumer qualities of the goods are intact in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

8. Rights and obligations of the parties

8.1. The buyer is obliged:

a) independently place an order in the online store;

b) timely pay and receive the order from the Carrier on the terms of this Agreement;

8.2. The buyer has the right to demand that the online store comply with the terms of this agreement.

8.3. The online store must:

a) comply with the terms of this agreement;

b) transfer the goods to the Buyer in accordance with the selected sample according to the "Catalog", the completed order and the terms of this agreement;

c) the online store is not responsible, cannot act as a defendant in court and does not compensate for losses incurred by the Buyer due to the actions or inaction of third parties.

9. Duration of this agreement

9.1. This agreement comes into force from the date of payment for the order and is valid until all the terms of the agreement are fulfilled.