At Joyaux&Co, we specialize in custom design jewelry. We can help you realize your vision, tailor something that we have already made or custom create an entirely new design - it is extremely fascinating process here and it starts with your choice of gemstone. Custom jewelry designed with love has a unique aura. It’s much better to buy a diamond and create jewelry yourself than buying gold jewelry from retailer or jewelry shop. After all, gemstones in jewelry, created by your imagination in Joyaux&Co, tend to save and transmit live energy.

So, just three steps separate you from the jewelry of your dreams, the first of which we'll do right now:

Choosing a gemstone

Please, take a careful look at the Gemstone Catalog. What do you like most of all? If you can’t make a choice, please don’t hesitate to contact us by one of the phone numbers, indicated on the web-site or ask your question right here. We shall invite you to our show-room where you can discover and view all our gemstones.

Second step – designing the type and shape of jewelry

Tell us about your vision of the jewelry. You can use the samples, photos from magazines or even draw the desired shape by hand. Even a very approximate sketch gives to an experienced designer a view what kind of jewelry you want to design.

Typically we need 1 to 8 weeks to complete custom made jewelry considering all your wishes. After final approval of sketch, 3D model and budget of the jewelry, a 50% deposit is required before we go into production.

Please inquire about rush orders. We shall do our best to make your gift to the scheduled date!

Third – jewelry making

The jewelry be it engagement & wedding ring, earrings, pendant, sotoir or colier made in Joyaux&Co have a lifetime quality guarantee. Every customer is important to us because we value our reputation.

A wonderful gift, created by the symbiosis of your imagination, carefully selected precious stones and impeccable craftsmanship of our jewelers will bring you happiness and luck!

What are the benefits of custom-made jewelry?

  • Unique design. You can become the owner of a unique piece of jewelry made of your own design with your selected materials and taking into account all your wishes. This can also  be an original gift.

  • Cost of custom-made jewelry will be lower than similar branded products. You do not overpay for the name of a famous brand.

  • Confidence in the high quality of the gems. We work only with natural stones of high color, clarity and cut. We also guarantee a high quality metal that meets all standards.

  • Building a 3D-model of the future jewelry will help eliminate any possible misunderstanding. You can always fix a particular nuance in the design of your jewelry before it is sent to manufacturing.