The right of our customers to privacy makes a fundamental basis of the family business and is recorded in the existing set of rules of the Joayux&Co.

We do not share or disclose any personal information about visitors of our website and our customers. All the data about our users are designed to meet the expectations of the website visit and make the service more accessible as well as to tell you about new gemstones and created jewelry.

Advices and consultations that you received via the feedback form on the site or by telephone are performed in terms of complete anonymity. Discussions considering gemstones, price, and purchase terms, methods of payment and delivery of jewelry remain strictly between us.

Custom jewelry takes place under terms of anonymity. In case if the type of cooperation considers the exchange of any data between customer and performer, we agree on the mutual data preservation. We provide all the measures available to protect information on customer and purchase.

The company's reputation in the jewelry market is of high importance and even more - it is the only condition for its existence. Therefore, the jewelry houses with a long history, the dynasty of diamond cutters and jewelers, appraisers and sellers of diamonds are of high value. We keep the tradition of a family business for many years; thanks to this our Gemstones & Jewelry Atelier Joyaux is a guarantor of the privacy of our customers.